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Who should contact us?

Anybody that has rented or is renting and is unsure as to whether the landlord correctly dealt with your tenancy deposit. And any landlords who think they (or their agents) might have breached the legislation.

Why should you contact us?

Two reasons. Firstly, because by contacting us you will be helping to ensure that landlords comply with their obligations to protect tenancy deposits and secondly because it is your statutory right to receive your deposit back and/or a mandatory statutory penalty. This is an unusual piece of legislation but it is in place because the government knows that if landlords do not suffer in their pockets, they will not change their behaviour.

What do we need to see?

Your tenancy agreements and, if possible, proof of payment of the deposit.

What will happen when you contact us?

We will speak to you to explain why we do what we do, and why you should do it. We will check whether your deposit was correctly dealt with and if it appears not to have been correctly dealt with we will write to the landlord asking them to pay you the statutory penalty. If the landlord contacts us we will negotiate a settlement.
If not, we will ask one of our panel solicitors to commence court proceedings to recover the statutory penalty.

What will it cost?

We work on a “no collection – no fee” basis which means that if we do not recover anything for you there is no charge to you. If we recover any moneys then we keep up to a maximum 35% of what is recovered plus a £20.00 administration fee for a successful case. Our panel solicitors, if required, work on a “no win – no fee” basis and they cover all the court costs and barrister’s costs. You are not required to pay anything up front.

Why use us?

This is a key question. There are a number of organisations that have sprung up offering the same service as us. Almost exclusively, these organisations are “copycat” businesses trying to do what we do. We have been assisting tenants and former tenants for over six and a half years and experience has shown we are the best in the field. Our business is run by experts in this field, rather than experts in sales and marketing.

Why not?

We understand that this legislation is not widely known, let alone widely understood. We understand that it can be difficult for tenants and former tenants to stand up to landlords. This is a consequence of literally hundreds of years of landlords dominating the landlord and tenant relationship. But the government wants this relationship to change and they have given tenants and former tenants the incentive to make this happen.

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